Edition 7 of The Renaissance Design Group: The Art of Engineering highlights past and current projects and tells the history of the innovative engineering group. Preview the book here.



A flash flipbook version of the mini SOQ book. Preview the book here.


'United Front: BIM and Design-Build Pave the Future For Cast-In-Place Projects.' by Gregory P. Luth, Clifford Bourland, and Michael Gustafson. In Design-Build Dateline, November 2008.


View Greg Luth's presentation slides about the innovative structural system at USC School of Cinematic Arts (2008 SEAOC Convention)


USC School of Cinema: An Example of Reparable Performance Based Design by Gregory P. Luth, Helmut Krawinkler, Brian McDonald, and Supriya Sargunaraj (SEAOC Papers 2008)


'Case Studies in Steel' by M. Douglas Rutledge and Gregory P. Luth. In Civil Engineering, September 2004.


Representation and Reasoning for Integrated Structural Design. By Gregory P. Luth, Helmut Krawinkler, and Kincho Law. (Stanford University)