GPLA is a leader in the structural engineering profession in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). GPLA creates 3D models of projects using state-of-the-art BIM technology. Scroll down and click on the links below to explore real Tekla Structures models. (For tips on navigating the models, see below.)



Porte Cochere, Hollywood Casino

@ Grantville, PA


Naval Amphibious Operations Facility ("Waterfront")

@ Coronado, CA


"The Stars" Sculpture

@ Little Rock, AR


USC School of Cinematic Arts

@ Los Angeles, CA


Temporary Lodging Facility

@ Camp Pendleton, CA


Moffett Headquarters

@ Moffett, CA


USC School of Cinematic Arts - Phase II

@ Los Angeles, CA

- Bldg. B

- Bldg. C

- Bldg. D

- Bldg. E



@ Camp Pendleton, CA

- Academic

- Armory

- Headquarters

- Motor T

- Paraloft

- Supply


Towson University

@ Towson, MD


Seabee Museum

@ Oxnard, CA


Hollywood Casino

@ Joliet, IL


VA Elderly Care Facility

@ Fresno, CA

- Central Services Building

- Neighborhood Building

- Walkways


Fort Bliss

@ El Paso, TX


Ft Irwin CDC

@ Fort Irwin, CA



Hollywood Casino

@ Toledo, OH



Livermore Concert Hall

@ Livermore, CA


Tabor II

@ Denver, CO


"Paper Planes" Sculpture

@ Houston, TX


Acton Ranger

@ Acton, CA


Kapor-Klein Residence

@ Berkeley, CA



@ Washington, D.C.


Hollywood Casino Bay St. Louis

@ Bay St. Louis, MS


Isle of Capri

@ Cape Girardeau, MO




1. To easily rotate the model, hold down CONTROL on the keyboard and hold down the center mouse button while moving the mouse.


2. To move the point of rotation of the model, press V on the keyboard and select the place in the model where you would like the point of rotation to be.


3. Right click for access to some additional tools. “Set clip plane” is the most useful, allowing you to create movable sections through the building. When you select that option, it will give you a cross hairs as a mouse pointer when you hover over a surface. Select the desired surface to create a cutting plane along that face. Grab the scissors and the clip plane can be moved through the building normal to that plane. To delete the clip plane, select the scissors and hit delete on your keyboard. Multiple clip planes can be used at once.


4. Microsoft Internet Explorer is required. Prior to viewing the first Tekla web model on a computer, IE will ask to install the Active-X plugin. This must be done to view the web models.